Andrew & Vanzel Johnson

Andrew and Vanzel know the challenges facing ethnic minorities in the UK. As a child of a Jamaican family growing up in Leeds, Vanzel witnessed first hand the difficulties black individuals faced fitting into society — especially in a Northern city at a time when racial inequality was at an all-time high. In 2010, whilst touring a school they’d helped fund in Haiti, Andrew and Vanzel saw the huge sacrifices parents would make to get a better education for their children, and noticed what a big difference a little help and support can achieve.

It shouldn’t be difficult in the UK for everyone to have an equal opportunity — but it is — so organisations and foundations are needed to fill in where governments fall short. It’s also well documented that students from poorer and ethnic minority backgrounds have to work twice as hard and overcome many more obstacles to obtain the same opportunities and career progression as other students. The Chancerygate Foundation’s main goal is to not only encourage these students into the industry, but to make their lives at university a little easier and create opportunities where there are none.

Now, after spending their entire careers (so far!) in real estate, Andrew and Vanzel are delighted they now have a chance to help support the next generation of professionals, and create something they hope will continue to assist students from all walks of life for years to come.

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