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Only 1% of RICS members who qualified last year identified as Black
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Only 5% of directors in the entire FTSE 250 were from
an African and Caribbean heritage background
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A third of all new RICS members were privately educated
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Covid-19 has threatened to further exacerbate social inequalities

We set up the Chancerygate Foundation to help break down these barriers. We believe nobody should be prevented from accessing and thriving in the property industry just because they didn’t go to the right school or their parents didn’t have the right connections.

Changing the face of the industry is more important now than it’s ever been. But it requires more than lofty campaigns or glossy annual reports. Through the Chancerygate Foundation, we’re putting our money, knowledge and decades of experience together to bring amazing opportunities to students — especially those from disadvantaged African and Caribbean heritage backgrounds. From mentorship to awards, bursaries and work experience, we’re helping the UK’s most deserving young people have an unbeatable introduction to the real estate industry — and all the support they need to turn it into a career.

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Our network of trustees & supporters help us open up even more opportunities to students aged 18–25 across the UK. Join them today.

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Real estate changes fast, and you can be part of the next generation of professionals changing it for the better. Find out more about our bursary programme today or hear from our past students.

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