Summer work experience | Zarah & Kevon

The Chancerygate Foundation was established to support and advance opportunities in the property sector for young people from ethnic minorities. One of the ways we do this is through education, by meeting students from schools and colleges to show them the real face of the property industry, and the breadth of careers available.

This Summer we had Zarah & Kervon from King Solomon Academy join us for two days of work experience to learn more about the property industry and career paths available. Day one consisted of a construction site visit and a day out in the field. Day two was spent in the Chancerygate London office, learning about the various different roles in the business.

Here’s what Zarah had to say about her experience:

“During my experience with Chancerygate I encountered a whole new side to a private construction firm which portrayed a family ambience. My highlight was seeing the construction site in Sidcup and exploring how Chancerygate as a company are working to be more sustainable. I also loved learning about the different roles in the offices which was extremely helpful as I learnt about a range of career choices as I go into my final year of school.”

Kevon said:

“The experience I had at Chancerygate was really hands on and ensured that you learn and understand how the roles presented to you are carried out. Amanda who is part of the CSR team showed us areas of interest and things that would help us choose a career path. We learnt about project management from Matt, development management from Tom, and asset management from George, all of which helped me to expand my knowledge and opened my eyes to the breadth of opportunities available.” 

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